Let’s embrace the age old skill of networking in a positive and friendly group for Greeks and their families who live in or intend to live in Britain.
We are here to help, support and advise each other, make friends and seek opinions, letting others know about cities, housing options, immigration advice from a personal perspective, or recommending schooling and employment options and tradespeople for instance. Tell us about what you’re up to; trips, events, playgroups, sports and social activities, that others might like to know about. For a more in depth involvement with Britain’s Greek community please register with GreeksInBritain.com/register

In addition to FB Terms, our Rules:

In response to considerable feedback, we emphasise that this group is aimed at focusing on the positive stuff in our community, and sharing information that may be useful. It is not a rant and rave page aimed at people, so please note the following:

– This is a group for the sharing information that will benefit the wider group, the focus is on a positive and safe interactive environment that has the potential to add a little value to group members and build rather than break down.

– Please avoid re-producing & re-posting fake news and articles of dubious quality.

– Businesses: Commercial activity that may be of real benefit or interest to people in the group or a notification of an interesting event is accepted only if you’re actively participating in our Group. Adverstising without social involvement in our group is not welcome. In which case we recommend you take advantage of our Business directory. It’s free and you are under no obligation to get involved socially.

– Admins reserve the right to delete any post that we feel breaks these rules and will not enter into debate/discussion of our decisions through public postings. If you want to discuss why a post has been removed, private message one of the Admins.

– If any member does not adhere to these rules, their membership will be withdrawn from the group.

Thank you.


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